Wednesday, September 4, 2013

La Palma Outfits

As I didn´t do any outfits of the week so far, I decided to post a few of my outfits from La Palma. I know they´re not the best quality, which is because I took them in my very small room, but still I hope that they are a little bit of inspiration. I read a lot of spanish magazines during my stay there and I really found some very inspiring ones.. So now I have a lot of ideas for the next weeks, as I´m planning to start doing outfits of the week again, as soon as school starts again next week.

Top:Oviesse,Shorts:New Yorker,Shoes:fonseca Italy,Accessories:Primark&Selfmade


This day I wore my new Top from Italy,
because it was super hot... about 40°C.
I wore it with my shorts from Prague
and my most worn shoes of this summer,
these Espadrilles I got from Italy as well.

Overall:H&M,Vest:from a local festival

Sandals: Chinese Laundry, Dress: Alcott

Hasta luego!

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