Friday, August 30, 2013

Holiday Haul

Hi! I just got back from La Palma, but before I talk about this here´s another post. Because of course I also did some shopping during my stay at the Italian Riviera. And I also got some nice pieces for my birthday, that I want to show you. This time I´ve kind of gone crazy over bikinis. I mean this summer I can really use them, so why not?!

Left: Calzedonia, Middle: Oviesse, Right: Calzedonia

Bikini: Golden Point

New Sandals.
Top: Oviesse
Earrings from a small store on Dolceacqua

Birthday presents

The backpack and boots were gifts from my parents. Love it!

The overall and dress were presents from my best friend and I also took them to La Palma which I´m going to post about during the next days... The holidays only last till next wednesday. Anyways I´m going to enjoy these last free days. Hope you do so as well!

xo Peach

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