Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Essentials

As I was able to take a little break from all the school stuff last weekend, I finally had time to take pictures for this little beauty summer essentials post I was planning to do for a while now.

When it got a lot warmer lately I searched for another solution, than heavy make up and came across the Vichy Idéalia BB Cream. It´s amazing in my opinion as it makes the skin look more even and it has SPF 25 which is nice as I spend a lot of time outside, e.g. while doing sports.
Another thing I use a lot during summer time is the pink Essie nailpolish, but unfortunately I don´t know exactly which one it is. For some reason I like it a lot better than red on my toes. It´s a very nice pink, as it´s not too bright.
The last thing on the photo is the H&M Garden delight Body Mist that I got in Prague. I don´t like using heavy perfumes during summer time, so this light spray is perfect.

If the first picture was more beauty related stuff, I guess this is the health part.
What´s the most important thing for me (even if I sometimes just forget it) during summer, is to wear sunscreen. Especially as this year I´m going to be a lot further in the south then usually (I´m going to tell you my destination when the holidays begin). I like to use higher protection about SPF 30 for shoulders and stuff, while I think that my legs don´t need more than SPF 20. Actually my most favourite sunscreen is the one by Eucerin. It´s super lightweigth and smells wonderful.
And another thing, that I eat a lot during hot days, even more than in winter are fruits. I especially love watermelon, peaches or pineapples. Just anything juicy. And of course I drink a lot of water and for a few weeks now I´ve been drinking green tea instead of coffee. First it was hard, but now I have to admit I feel better.

Do you have any special products or stuff, that you mostly use during summer?
I´m going to pack my beach bag now and go to the pool for the first time this year :)

xo Peach


  1. I trust in Nivea creams during all the year and in summer I use Nivea 15SPF sunscreen :)
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