Wednesday, May 8, 2013



I´m already posting my Outfits of the week today, since I only had three days of school this week.
And I´m not going to get any time the next two days, because on friday I´m going to a wedding. Of course I´m going to show you the outfit I´ll be wearing there asap.
I´m pretty exited for it, but unfortunately it´s going to be colder on friday.
Tomorrow I´m probably going to stay in my PJ´s all day and prepare everything that needs to be prepared.

Monday- stripes and other patterns                 Tuesday- comfy and asymmetrical

Shoes&Shirt: H&M, Trousers:Mango, Necklace:Primark
Shirt: Zara, Jeans: H&M, Bag&Shoes: Primark

 Wednesday- Pink polka dot dress and leather 
I love combining feminine stuff with leather or other edgy things.

Dress&Jacket: H&M, Shoes: Deichmann. I also wore my small, light pink rose earrings, I´ve already shown in previous posts.

Fresh flowers on my desk :) Makes me happy!

So that´s it for today! This evening my Yoga class starts again, but I´m thinking about going running as well, since sports has become a pretty important part of my life. It just makes me feel happy and balanced at the end of the day. Because after sitting at school the whole day I just need to do something active afterwards.

XO Peach


  1. Hi sweetie!

    You wear stripes! It's amazing!
    Love your outfits. Dress is perfect!


    1. Yes, I wear stripes just as I said.

  2. love the idea of weekly outfit posts! especially love that 3 one! always up for polka dots;)
    lots and lots of love from switzerland honey!