Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spaghetti Sunday

Hi there!

It´s weekend and what I love to do when I have a lot of time is cooking.
I just take what I feel like would taste delicious and start off. So it´s not always THAT delicious, but it´s fun. And some things taste so good that I cook them again every once in a while.
Today I made myself some spaghetti and just thought of sharing this with you. Are you interested in more foodposts? Maybe with something more exciting?

 At first I took some frozen peas and broke some spaghetti into smaller pieces. Of course you can use any sort of noodles you want.

 After that I put peas and spaghetti into a pot with some selfmade pesto, that gives it an amazing taste, and olive oil and waited till it started to saute. And when it started I added vegetable broth and let it cook slowly, like risotto rice.

And while it cooked I cut some mini mozzarella balls into small slices and took about a tablespoon of pine nuts.
I added both  in the end when the spaghetti where al dente and mixed them in.

 After adding some more pesto and pepper it was ready.

Yummy! I added some tuna, because I was kind of hungry for fish.
Well and that was it. It was super delicious and super easy to cook.

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  1. I definetively have to try spaghettis with peas :) It looks delicious!