Friday, March 15, 2013

The last weeks and following days

My last weeks have been super busy again, but tomorrow I´m going to Prague for a few days with school and after that two weeks of holiday start. So I´m going to have a lot more time for posting than I had lately, which I´m pretty exited about. I hope I´ll get to take some nice pictures for the blog in Prague!
To make this post a little more interesting, because I don´t have a lot of time (like always), since I have to finish packing, here are some sneek peaks of my last weeks:

       Just a simple sweater and
                                 leather jacket kind of day.

             Or another outfit with lace details and curly hair:

Sooo happy I finally found my perfect white pullover and a pair of lace sneakers.

This day I dressed a little more girly, since I just love wearing light pink and flowers.

Ready for being sporty!

Finally got time to clean and organize my wadrobe.

I want to make a top out of this fabric, but I´m so impatient.

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