Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring outfit ideas

Since I have a lot of time during the holidays, yesterday I decided to style some spring outfits. It´s still very cold, but I just can´t wait for spring and wearing my new things.
As nobody was there to take pictures I had to do it myself, which is the reason they´re done with a mirror. But however, here are the pictures.

At first I went totally crazy about my new pair of leopard leggins. I saw these on a girl in Prague, combined with a light blue jacket and was so happy when I found them.
Since I liked the combination with blue I just tried out a few different shades of blue and I think that the leggins go great with all of them.
As I think the leggins are edgy enough, I kept the rest of the outfits a little more feminine.
Of course I also used a minty blue, since it´s by far one of my favourite colours.

For shoes I chose my new nude wedges.
Because the outfit is so simple with the white
pullover and the dark washed skinny jeans,
I wanted to add a touch of colour by using a
chunky bracelet.

I really like this outfit, but when I noticed it was more a summer, than a spring outfit I comined the dress in a different way.
                               I took a cardigan instead of the pullover and
                                   used tights, a belt and my fringe boots.

 xo Peach 


  1. super cute!

  2. Great pictures! I love the outfit with the blue blazer the most :)

  3. love all your outfits! the bags are amazing:)
    lots and lots of love honey