Saturday, March 23, 2013


Hi there!
I´m finally back from Prague and it was a nice week. I really liked the old town, even if I think some of the other parts of Prague aren´t very nice. The only bad thing was that it was freezing cold and I was just running around with a hood and gloves and anything that would keep me warm all the time. So I didn´t get any nice outfit pictures which is a little annoying. But however, I took some pictures of Prague, my buys and other stuff.

Prague by night

 These pictures were taken during a guided tour through Prague the first morning after we arrived.

Lunchtime after the tour... Delicious spring rolls.
In the village there I found these scarves for only 4€ each.
Another day we had a trip to karlstejn castle.

The last day in Prague the weather was quite nice and we had a tour through Prague castle.

Lunchtime: The first sushi in my life.

And in the afternoon we had time for some shopping.
So happy about the things I got! 
Dinner at Vapiano Dresden were we spend a few hours.

I hope you enjoyed the post. I love travelling and seeing new cities! How about you?

XO Peach 

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