Saturday, February 9, 2013

New stuff

I´m so lucky, that I finally get to post something, since I´ve been ill and had an exchange program during the last weeks.
But since I got some time to go shopping at Bershka and H&M while having the exchange,  today I´ve got this shopping post. I´m really happy about the things I got, especially since some of them were reduced incredibly. So here are my newest purchases.

Starting with the accessories, I got those bracelets. 
The silver ones were on sale for only 3€ at Bershka and
are just something simple that is always useful for layering
etc., while the rosy gold one with the bow (by Pimkie) has
directly become one of my favourites. I´ve been wearing it
almost everyday since I got it.

These blue dresses are from Bershka as well and were only 6€ each on sale.
So I just had to get them, because they are so pretty.
The first one (the picture above shows
its back) is just perfect for the beach,
while the right one is pretty versatile and I can also imagine wearing it with tights.

This sweater was also on sale and even if it´s way to big I needed it, because I think it´s really pretty, especially the bottom with the lace. I just love lace and girly stuff and since it´s oversized it is going to look nice worn with some leggings.

This last two things from Bershka haven´t been on sale, but since I´ve been searching for those for quite a while I still got them. The leather pants are just perfectly fitting and the peplum skirt looks so nice on that I can´t wait to wear it with suntanned legs.


The last thing I wanted to show you is this dress by H&M that I´m also going to wear for a wedding. The colour looks gorgeous in reality and the back is completely made of lace. I also got a minty high- low top at H&M. It´s in the laundry at the moment but I´m planning an outfit post with it.


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