Thursday, December 27, 2012

New in

Hi there,

today I went to the mall with my best friend to do a little bit of shopping. Since I still got a giftcard for H&M from christmas I wanted to look for some cute stuff and found some really nice pieces.

That vest caught my eye while I was just              I´ve totally been into cozy sweaters, 
walking into the store. I´ve been searching           but I don´t own a lot of them. So I 
for a nice, but not too boring fur-vest for a           wanted to stock up on them and got
really long time now and this one seems to-          this one, which I´m (as one idea) go-
tally perfect to me. It´s actually pretty chun-         ing to wear with a jeans shirt, that
ky, but that´s nice, because there is a small            has a studded collar, underneath.
"belt" to accentuate the waist.                                The colour is a neon pink in reality.

 I also got this necklace with
 neon yellow rhinestones, as
 well as a pair of simple black
 The shoes on the right are a buy
 from a few weeks ago. But the
 foto is not a good quality since
 the lighting wasn´t best. 

I´m really happy with those things, even if they weren´t on sale unfortunately (even if almost the whole stuff in there was), but I just couldn´t find anything cute on the sale racks this time, even if I´m usually always hunting for bargains.

Have a nice day :)


  1. Those shoes would look perfect with blak leggings. Good buys.

  2. nice post!