Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

This year´s christmas has definitely been one of the best ones. I was happy with everything I got, because Santa alias mum did her best to fulfill the wishes on my wishlist (yes I did one, even if I´m already 17). So I got a few really nice things that I´m totally excited about.

This book is my new favourite. I heard about it so many times and finally had to get it myself. And since I got it I´m just reading and reading and so on. It totally inspires me and I think that there are a lot of useful tips and tricks inside.
The box on the foto is my new make-up box, because I used to store my make-up on a bookshelf, which didn´t look really nice.
And that perfume is just such a wonderful scent, but I´m not good at describing scents, so I´m going to skip that part.

My other favourite gift is my new pair of
boots. I´ve been eyeing those for maybe two or
three years now and finally decided that I
really needed them this year.

But what I love even more than getting presents on christmas is giving presents to my family and friends. I really try my best to make them happy and I´m always super nervous if they´re going to like the gifts that I got for them or (what I like better) did myself.

I hope you enjoyed christmas as well :)

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